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Yoga in Costa Rica: A Spiritual Journey in Nature's Finest Sanctuary

With its paradisiacal beaches and majestic mountains, Costa Rica stands as a true natural sanctuary for the profound practice of yoga.

Bioluminescence in Costa Rica: Magical Destinations That Glow in the Dark

So, what's bioluminescence, why is it so fascinating, and which beaches in Costa Rica can you witness it? Well, let's try to answer these questions in this luminous article.

Nosara is among the top five beaches in the world

World-class surfing, lush jungles perfect for zip lining, crystal-clear waters for diving: the tropical beaches of Nosara offer valuable opportunities for adrenaline rush.

7 Places to Visit with Children in Costa Rica

Entertaining a child or teenager is not easy. Luckily, some countries offer the perfect combination of biodiversity and activities specially designed for family children.

Discover the Green Paradise: Ecotourism in Costa Rica!

To experience the wonders of our planet while taking care of them—it's possible!

Price Guarantee with Toyota Rent a Car

At Toyota Rent a Car, we are a serious company and transparency in costs and charges.You can rent with us safely and reliably without fear of being deceived.

Hot Springs: Well-being and Relaxation for the Mind and Body

Hot springs are a beautiful and healthy gift from nature. Several therapeutic properties make them a natural and excellent healer.

Rent a Toyota: Quality at a fair price

Toyota is quality, warranty, safety, comfort, economy, support... and other attributes have always been associated with this brand.

Tortuga Island, a true paradise on earth

With white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and abundant marine life, Tortuga Island is a destination of lush beauty that you must visit on your next vacation to Costa Rica.

What to do if you have an accident in a rental car

Accidents simply happen, and it's something we can't control. In this article, we'll discuss what to do if you have an accident in a Toyota Rent a Car rental vehicle.

Natural and very romantic places to visit in Costa Rica

We're going to recommend seven of the most beautiful and romantic ones that Costa Rica offers to enjoy during this month... and the rest of the year

The best tips for driving in Costa Rica

Enjoy some historical sites of San José in the morning and then move to watch the sunset on a beautiful beach on the Pacific coast... all on the same day.

10 must-visit destinations in Costa Rica

From exuberant tropical jungles to majestic volcanoes, paradisiacal beaches, and captivating biodiversity. Costa Rica has everything to satisfy the most demanding traveler tastes at any time of the year.

Rediscover the treasures of the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

It has a unique charm style that combines the best of beach, mountain, fauna, and Afro-Caribbean culture.

Everything you need to know to rent a vehicle.

We will give you some tips for car rental in Costa Rica to have a satisfying and safe experience.

10 things you should know about Monteverde

Home to 4% of the world's total biodiversity, one of the tourists’ favorite ecotourism destinations and a mountain spot with all kinds of city comforts. 

5 Biological Reserves in Costa Rica that will captivate you

Biological reserves are lands with enormous biodiversity, let's know more about Bosque Nuboso, Monteverde, Reserva Hitoy-Cere, Limón, Isa de los Pájaros, Reserva Lomas Barbudal, Guanacaste and the famous Isla del Caño.

Turrialba Costa Rica

A family destination full of adventure, culture and nature

Final Price Guarantee

By online booking all charges are included, there are no hidden fees to be charge at the counter.

5 mountain places to visit in the Costa RICA

We´ll recommend five very pretty and nearby spots to visit inside the GAM with your family or friends

Whale watching season in Costa Rica

Between July and November, hundreds of tourists visit the Pacific coast -Quepos, Uvita, Dominical- to enjoy the unique and memorable natural spectacle of Humpback Whale Watching in Costa Rica.

Santa Teresa, more than a destination for surfing

A paradisiacal destination for surfing and much more

Tips for a safe road travel

At Toyota Rent a Car we are aware of the importance of preventing risks and that´s why we want to share with you seven tips for a safe and hassle-free road trip

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica

Top 10 most beautiful beaches you should visit in Costa Rica

Why rent a car to visit Costa Rica?

Benefits of rent a car to visit Costa Rica


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