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Natural and very romantic places to visit in Costa Rica

Natural and very romantic places to visit in Costa Rica


Natural and very romantic places to visit in Costa Rica


Although Valentine's Day has already passed, we are still enjoying a month in which love is in the air for 28 long days.

So, if for any reason (crowds, work, etc.) you didn't celebrate on February 14th, there is time enough to plan one or several trips with your beloved one.

There are many places to visit, but today we're going to recommend seven of the most beautiful and romantic ones that Costa Rica offers to enjoy during this month... and the rest of the year (love’s day is every day).


Santa Teresa

Imagine a hand-by-hand walk, feeling the warm seawater on your feet and watching the sunset while hearing the waves break upon the shore. An authentic movie scene that you can recreate on many beaches in the country, but there is a special one for doing it: Santa Teresa and its spectacular sunsets. Located in the southern sector of the Nicoya Peninsula, this is a very well-known destination in this blog that we highly recommend, especially this summer. 


Bajos del Toro

Here, you will feel like a fairy tale main character. Bajos del Toro, in Alajuela, is a small rural town, surrounded by nature, forests, waterfalls, hidden turquoise rivers, trails, and other magical mountain settings to explore and get lost with your couple. 


La Hoja Forest

Closer to San Jose, this is another wonderful place, with an awesome forest and 4 km of trails covered in dry leaves. Together you will feel the cool breeze that moves the branches and a great feeling of freedom that enhances the spirit. It has everything you need for a nice and private picnic: huts, chairs, grills, and pure mountain air.


Yellow flowers mountain

Located on the slopes of the Irazu Volcano, it is one of the most visited and photographed places in the Great Metropolitan Area during the beginning of the year. A green field full of beautiful brightly yellow flowers provides the perfect setting for those frame-worthy couple pictures. The farm is pet friendly and also has a path to a viewpoint, picnic areas, tables with grills, parking, and restrooms.


Prusia Forest

From the yellow flower mountain, you can jump to another well-known spot in Cartago and have a 2x1 unforgettable tour in the same province. The Prusia Forest, in the Irazu National Park, is ideal for a couple's walk through some of the 16 kilometers of trails. Two of the most popular are El Roble and El Ahorcado. The haunted tree, the Retes hill, and the Laguna del Derrumbe are other main attractions of this beautiful enchanted forest.


La Fortuna hot springs

With its hot springs, tropical gardens, and trails, La Fortuna has several internationally renowned hotels that are some of the favorites among nature lovers. You can go for a relaxing massage under the waterfalls' hot water, take a walk, or simply enjoy a romantic night in the warmth of the dim lights around the pools. 


San Gerardo de Dota

This is a town that belongs to the popular "Zona de Santos". It's surrounded by natural beauty with different and nice activities to choose from: bird watching, trout fishing, walking along trails through the cloud forest, or visiting Los Quetzales National Park. Hidden along the Savegre River Valley, San Gerardo is a super cozy almost enchanted forest, where you can have a picnic and fight the cold with hugs and a good bottle of wine.



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Article written by:

José Ricardo Carballo Villalobos

Works as a journalist, blogger, writer, and freelance copywriter. He is a frequent press columnist, co-director of the digital media La Revista CR, and administrator of the current affairs blog: For more information about the author, visit his website or Facebook


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