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Whale watching season in Costa Rica

Whale watching season in Costa Rica


Whale lover? Go to the Pacific South and live a magical experience


Maybe you'll not be able to recreate the famous jump scene from the movie “Free Willy” nor almost touch them as Captain Ahab, in the world's literature classic, Moby Dick.

But definitely if you have good luck, you'll be able to watch them, partially or totally and even take pictures or shoot a video.

This is one of the great attractions of the whale watching tours, a very popular seasonal activity in Costa Rica, between the months of July and November or December and April.

Every year, hundreds of national and foreign tourists visit the Pacific coast -Quepos, Uvita, Dominical- to enjoy a unique and memorable natural spectacle.

Its mains stars are the migrant humpback whales coming from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, looking for calm and warm waters to start their reproductive cycles.

That's why it's very common to see them making acrobatic jumps, showing their tails or, in the breeding season, swimming and playing with their little calves. ¡A very emotional and impressive scene!

Meanwhile, different dolphin species will join you, swimming next to the boats, as jealous security guards, and jumping out of the water to show all their beauty.

Tours details

Most of the tours depart from the Parque Nacional Marino Ballena, in the Peninsula de Osa (South Pacific coast) in a boat that will take you, together with your couple, family or friends, to the offshore observation points.

Normally, the boats have an up to eight people occupancy, and they strictly comply with national security protocols.

The tours last like three and a half hours along the coast and the package includes fruits, drinks, and the necessary snorkeling equipment.

Due to their wild animal conditions, you'll not always be able to see them.

But, instead you can have a no less pleasant experience, watching seabirds, beaches, coral reefs, mangroves, among other natural attractions bathed by the beautiful and blue Pacific waters.

Including the captivating scenic views or the possibility of snorkeling and knowing more of fishes, octopuses and the rest of the seabed inhabitants.

Other tours include a visit to Uvita, Bahía Drake or incredible beaches such as Ventanas, with its famous caves, or Piñuelas.

If you are a nature lover, you can travel further south, to the Corcovado National Park, considered one of the worldwide most beautiful and home of native species such as scarlet macaws.


If you are going to try these activities, we recommend you to bring sunglasses, sunblock, a hat, comfortable clothing, and a swimsuit.

Additionally, you cannot forget to rent an appropriate means of transportation to take you to the southern board of the province of Puntarenas (it's like 6 hours away by car).

At Toyota Rent a Car, we have SUV rental cars that can make your trip easier and comfortable. For example, the Raize, the 7 passengers Rush or the Corolla Cross.

Tell us about your travel plan to the South Pacific, and we will be happy to advise you on the best car rental deals.

This way, you ensure that neither the distance nor the state of the roads are an obstacle to arrive on time for your unmissable appointment with the whales and other characters of the Costa Rican wide biodiversity.

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Article written by:

José Ricardo Carballo Villalobos

Works as a journalist, blogger, writer, and freelance copywriter. He is a frequent press columnist, co-director of the digital media La Revista CR, and administrator of the current affairs blog: For more information about the author, visit his website or Facebook



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