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The 10 most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica


The 10 most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica


With crystal-clear waters, white sand, great waves, relaxing, crowded, surrounded by nature, rainy or sunny… for all tastes, ages, and expectations.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing family trip, have a party time with friends, or burn off adrenaline over a surfboard, Costa Rica has the perfect beach for an unforgettable experience.

Today we recommend the 10 most beautiful beach destinations for your next visit to Costa Rica.


Manuel Antonio:

This one is ranked in the worldwide top 25, according to Trip Advisor. Offers the perfect combination between beach and mountain. Situated in the Manuel Antonio National Park, it has white sand, crystal-clear water, attractive trails, and campsites (beware of raccoons and food-stealing monkeys).

Santa Teresa:

Considered the third best beach in Central America, you can find it in the north area of the province of Puntarenas. Well known for its white sand and a wide variety of fun outdoor activities: surfing, hiking, canopy, and horseback riding.


Guanacaste´s favorite place for vacation and surfers. It has a multicultural population and a vibrant commercial activity consisting of shops, galleries, restaurants supermarkets, and all types of businesses for locals and tourists.


It´s around one hour from Santa Cruz, Guanacaste. Perfect beach for surfing or spending a moment of peace, due to its excellent location, in a small and rural town, surrounded by abundant vegetation.


Famous for having small pieces of shells all around, instead of sand, making it different and special from other beaches in Guanacaste. House of large marine wildlife, it´s perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or camping. Near to national parks and biological reserves.


On the other side of the coast, is Manzanillo, the best beach in the Caribbean. It´s known for its white sand and crystal clear waters. Although it is very touristic, it´s still calm. Experience its exuberance from the viewpoint of Punta Manzanillo.

Punta Uva:

Also in the Caribbean, we move to a quiet and clean water beach with small waves, sheltered by palm trees and a rich tropical vegetation. It is located south of Cahuita and is very popular because of its impressive butterfly gardens and its proximity to the native reserve of Bri Bri.

Puerto Viejo:

It is the “Manuel Antonio” of the Caribbean coast. Distinguished by its tasty food and cultural variety. Quiet and clean environment, but a bit rainy. Very close to the Cahuita National Park, the Talamanca Native Reserve, and the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Reserve.


Small, but nice and surrounded by dry woods. Located in a Puntarenas coastal town, with a bohemian atmosphere -similar to the Caribbean-, it is popular for swimming and snorkeling in the rocky area. Offers craft street sales and an organic marketplace.

Playas Hermosas:

They are called in the same way and both live by their name. But one lies in Guanacaste and the other in Puntarenas. The first one has corals and is nice to rest or snorkel with the family. The second one is a clear black sand beach with an attractive nightlife.


We are done with the list of unmissable beaches for your next visit to Costa Rica. Now you need a means of transportation to access them safely, comfortably, and without delays.

Most of them offer free access by main paved roads, -or at least with ballast-, so you should not have any inconvenience arriving in any type of vehicle.

However, if you like to challenge the maps and navigate less explored places, a 4x4 car might work better for you.

Regardless of what your plans are, at Toyota Rent a Car, we have the right rental vehicle and advise you to make the best decision.

For example, if you'll be traveling through remotes and rainy places with rocky or dirt roads, –like some Caribbean beaches-, you might prefer to drive a Raize, Rush, Rav 4, or Corolla Cross. For the riskiest and adventurous, we also have the Hilux or the automatic LC Prado.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a more compact rental car –either because you are traveling alone, it is a quick visit, or you do not have time to explore far away from main roads-, we also have the Yaris. Ideal for reaching the most famous beaches of Puntarenas and Guanacaste.

Contact us and tell us which places you want to visit, and we'll not hesitate to recommend the indicated rental car at the best price. Ready to start your beach tour aboard a Toyota? ¡We wish you a nice trip!


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