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About Us

About Us


TOYOTA Rent a Car is a company with 55 years in the rent a car market, being part of the wonderful experiences, that Costa Rica offers. We have the trust, loyalty, and commitment of our clients, our priority is to provide them with high-quality services, focused on environmental social responsibility. We have locations in Liberia, San José, and Alajuela. 
 For the past few years, TOYOTA Rent a Car has worked in improving its services through service differentiation to meet our customer needs. We have implemented services such as car delivered straight to the airports, chauffeur service, wedding service, prepaid fuel, and premium car fleet. 
 We have adopted an environmental approach in the development of all processes to reduce our carbon footprint  
                                                                                                                                                            The impact produced by these services is measured and mitigated through the continuous maintenance of the cars and specific ecological actions such as the planting of native trees in Guanacaste, as well as with monthly payments to FONAFIFO. In this way, customers are guaranteed that they are actively contributing to the conservation of the natural environment. We have recycling programs in each of our stations and main office to take care of the environment and to encourage our customers and employees to do the same. 


Our Business Goals

  • Purpose: Transform the way people and / or things move.                                                       
  • How: With a committed, genuine, creative team that faces challenges with a positive attitude; developing efficient and innovative solutions that allow generating unique experiences for our customers.                                                                                                   
  • Impact: Improve the quality of life of people and contribute to the sustainability of the cities where we operate, generating a positive impact on our shareholders, staff, and society.


Core Values

  • We do what we say: We express ourselves clearly. We keep our promises. We can negotiate and if facts change.
  • We are owners: We act as general managers and we do not seek to blame others. We care enough to tell ourselves when a goal or objective is not reached. We learn from our mistakes.
  • We tell the truth: We always act with integrity in front of our clients and colleagues.
  • We care about others: The golden rule: we treat people as they like to be treated.
  • We exceed expectations: Our goal is to always win. As a brand, we promote innovation and change. We hire and develop people focused on reaching high and challenging goals. 


Environmental Awareness

What is Green Heart?

 Having a Green Heart means being aware of the impact we have on our stakeholders and taking actions to reduce and/or compensate for such impact. 

Why do we have Green Heart? 

  •  Because we measure the CO2 emissions of our fleet and create awareness of our environmental impact. 
  •  Fourth tier Sustainable Tourism Certification. 
  • Toyota Rent-a-car applies and obeys the rules to conform to the national regulations which govern our activities, as well as the Law for the Conservation of Wildlife. Under this Law, the keeping of wild animals in captivity and of some plant species is considered illegal.
  •  We compensate our carbon footprint through the purchase of Carbon Offset Credits from the National Fund for Forest Financing, known as FONAFIFO. FONAFIFO executes the national Environmental Services Program whose mission is to preserve and recuperate Costa Rican forests through a strategic financial stimulus plan.
  • All of our gasoline-fuel TOYOTA vehicles have a VVT-I engine. This unique TOYOTA technology ensures high-level performance and more efficient fuel consumption while reducing CO2 emissions


Call us now

 +506 4036-7400

USA & CANADÁ (Toll Free)                                                           833-888-TRAC (8722)

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