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What to do if you have an accident in a rental car

What to do if you have an accident in a rental car


What to do if you have an accident in a rental car


No matter how good a driver you are, a traffic accident can happen at any moment. 

Whether you're driving a car, a motorcycle, a bike or even walking, you never know when or where you'll be involved in an accident.

While there are measures you can take to prevent accidents -such as driving responsibly and giving the car proper maintenance-, the risks on road can't be hardly reduced to a 100% level. 

Accidents simply happen, and it's something we can't control. What we can control, however, is how we react and what actions we take when an accident occurs.

In this article, we'll discuss what to do if you have an accident in a Toyota Rent a Car rental vehicle.

  1. The first and most important thing is to stay calm. Check if you and your passengers are safe. Avoid arguing or violence with the other party involved.
  2. If there are any injuries, avoid moving them and report the situation to 911. If it's not that serious, and you can move, call our toll-free number 800-123RENT (800-123-7368) immediately.
  3. Wait for assistance at the scene from a traffic officer, an insurance company representative, and a Rent-a-Car employee. They will advise you on the steps to follow, deductibles payment, the use of a tow truck, or any other aspect related to the purchased insurance.
  4. Please note that all our rentals must include basic insurance, consisting of SLI or third-party liability coverage and CDW (collision damage waiver). We also offer roadside assistance services and more complete coverage. For more information, please read this other article.
  5. Continuing with the accident protocol in a rental car, turn on the emergency lights, put on the reflective vest, and place the first triangle 50 meters behind the vehicle and the second one 20 meters in front. This will help to alert others about the accident.
  6. Do not move the vehicle under any circumstances until the traffic officer requests it. Lock the car and wait for the authorities on the sidewalk, not on the road.
  7. Make sure to present the traffic violation ticket, and the insurance report, and make a statement at our office. 

What to do in case of other road incidents?

Flat tire: It may have been intentionally caused, so we recommend not stopping in lonely or dark places to change the tire. If you do, lock the vehicle and do not accept help from strangers.

Traffic ticket: You must report and pay the fine at our office when returning the vehicle. Do not pay any money to traffic officers or let them retain your passport.

Car breakdown: If possible, drive to a gas station or public parking spot. Call our toll-free number 800-123RENT (800-123-7368) immediately. If the problem prevents you from continuing, turn on the emergency lights, put on the reflective vest, and place the triangles.

For more information regarding this topic, as well as the requirements and conditions that regulate car rental agreements with Toyota Rent a Car, visit the FAQ section of our website. You can also contact us at or by phone at 4036-7422 / 7235-8722. We are committed to providing you with all the assistance and professional advice you need during and after an incident.

Follow these tips on what to do in case of an accident in a rental car, and you'll see how any road event can be easily solved... without worries or complications.

Article written by:

José Ricardo Carballo Villalobos

Works as a journalist, blogger, writer, and freelance copywriter. He is a frequent press columnist, co-director of the digital media La Revista CR, and administrator of the current affairs blog: For more information about the author, visit his website or Facebook





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