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Price Guarantee with Toyota Rent a Car

Price Guarantee with Toyota Rent a Car


Guarantee Final Price with Toyota Rent a Car


With a quick Google search, you'll notice many car rental companies in Costa Rica..., but only a few are serious and responsible. 

Unfortunately, some "ghost" companies don't comply with the minimum government requirements or are part of the Asociación Costarricense de Autos Rentistas (ACAR). 

They used to attract national or foreign tourists with super low rental prices announced on their websites.

However, not everything that shines is gold, and in the end, they realize that the cheap fee doesn't include hidden or additional charges that inflate the final price. 

By law, when renting a vehicle, you not only pay for the use of the car but also for mandatory insurance and taxes.

That is what the ghost Car Rental companies often don't clarify from the beginning, and living up to their name, they end up scaring the customer with excessive or unforeseen charges.

Fortunately, in the country, there are responsible and formal companies with the support of ACAR, in which the whole process it´s carried out with complete clarity and transparency.

With over 50 years of experience and leadership in the market, Toyota Rent a Car is pleased to be one of the best car rental companies in costa Rica.

We not only provide complementary assistance services to the customer, among others that the "ghosts" do not include, but we also offer a policy of guaranteed final price.

From the moment the customer begins the booking and payment process on our website, we always show them the breakdown and cost of their rental.

Everything is done ethically, clearly, and transparently, without additional or hidden charges.

So, when the customer comes to pick up the vehicle at our offices, they pay the same price indicated in the electronic reservation (unless they want to purchase an additional service).

That final price already includes the mandatory basic insurance, CDW, which protects the rented car in case of damages, with a maximum deductible of up to US $1200.

Other options that offer more coverage and additional services are the platinum and silver packages.

A safe and reliable rent

For customers, it´s a great relief to know that the price they reserved is what they will pay for their rental car.

At Toyota Rent a Car, we are a serious company with experience and transparency in costs and charges.

You can rent with us safely and reliably without fear of being deceived or scammed.

When you book online, all charges get included, and you will not be charged any extra fees at the counter. Instead, when you make the payment online (pay now), you get a discount on the rental of the vehicle.

If you prefer, you can also reserve via email:,

WhatsApp or Telegram (7235-8722), or by phone: 4036-7422 / 4036-7423 / 2105-3452.

In case of any doubts, you can check our frequently asked questions section:

Regardless of the reservation method you choose, you have our promise of a guaranteed final price and the best car rental deals in Costa Rica. Check it out now. It will be a pleasure to serve you.


José Ricardo Carballo Villalobos

Works as a journalist, blogger, writer, and freelance copywriter. He is a frequent press columnist, co-director of the digital media La Revista CR, and administrator of the current affairs blog: For more information about the author, visit his website or Facebook




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