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Why rent a car to visit Costa Rica?

Why rent a car to visit Costa Rica?



Why rent a car to visit Costa Rica?


Costa Rica is a small country -51,100 square kilometers- but not enough to know it all by yourself, just walking around, biking, or asking strangers for a ride. 


With so many beautiful and exotic destinations in such a little piece of land, you´ll be eager to take advantage of every minute in the country of "Pura Vida".

Far away from crowds, unwanted stops, route changes, and any situation that affects the quality, safety, and excellence you deserve in your next pleasure or business trip.


That’s one of the main reasons you better play it safe and rent a car. In today's article, we give you five reasons why you should be looking for the best car rental deals in Costa Rica. 


Tailor-made travel


There is nothing better than traveling under your terms and conditions.

Suiting to your schedules, preferences, trip partners, and, of course, driving your favorite rental car. 

If you choose to pay a Rent a Car, you´ll be able to create your itinerary, free of undesired last-minute contingencies that normally occur with travel agencies or third-party tours.

Have a unique and personalized trip, from the comfort and safety of a rental car that meets all the requirements for a special and safe adventure in Costa Rica.

Doesn´t matter whether you want to stop by in a supermarket, in a restaurant to have a typical meal, or along the highway to shoot beautiful sunset pictures. 


Variety of destinations


Despite its size, Costa Rica has a lot to discover.

Beaches, mountains, parks, museums, national reserves... the offer is wide and varied.

There is no time to waste finding out the next bus departure time or dealing with long desperate waits at the bus stop. 

Those are valuable minutes you can spend drinking a fresh “piña colada” on a paradisiacal beach in Guanacaste or walking through mountain trails in  Monteverde.

You rather decide to rent a car and go straight away to your favorite spots. I assure you that you will know more in less time.


Reduce waiting times


It´s not that the public transport network for tourists offers bad service.

Actually, you can access many destinations in comfortable and properly conditioned buses.

However, please don’t expect everything to be perfect.

In addition to the waiting times, the schedules may not work for you, buses get quickly filled with passengers -especially in high season- or they make frequent stops.

With a rental car in Costa Rica, you move at your own pace and even go off-route and discover less explored and crowded places.


Prepared for the unexpected


No matter how well planned it´s your trip, unforeseen events occur.

But it´s not the same to face them in a crowded bus as in a rental vehicle.

Although a road close affects everybody – you are not either traveling in a helicopter- the car gives you more flexibility to find a plan B.

For example, you can look for an alternate route, change the destination, or, lastly go back and try it again later. 


Don´t let the rain stop you


Costa Rican weather is tropical and kind of unpredictable.

Sometimes, especially between May and November, you will find out that it rains a lot.

Definitely, a season that you may handle better inside a comfortable rental car. 

Waiting for a bus in a strange country, under a rainy lonely night, should not be very pleasant or safe.

It´s way better to avoid worries –and water- with a rental vehicle in Costa Rica.




If you are already convinced about the benefits of car rental, you´ll be probably wondering where to find a rental car company in Costa Rica.

At Toyota Rent a Car Costa Rica you can confidently access comfortable, powerful, and safe vehicles, at an affordable price and under the best conditions.

With more than 50 years in the market, we offer all-inclusive prices on models like Yaris, Raize, Rush, Corolla Cross, Rav4, among others.


We promise no unpleasant surprises at the counter or unwarranted extra charges. Check it out by contacting us on our web page:, email:, or phone numbers: 4036-7422 / 7235-8722


Decide now to rent a car and start enjoying the adventure of knowing Costa Rica from the comfort and safety of a Toyota.



Article written by:

José Ricardo Carballo Villalobos

Works as a journalist, blogger, writer, and freelance copywriter. He is a frequent press columnist, co-director of the digital media La Revista CR, and administrator of the current affairs blog: For more information about the author, visit his website or Facebook




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