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Corporate Rentals

Corporate Rentals


Learn about Corporate Rentals


We have a Corporate Rentals program that allows your business to solves your transportation needs, by having at your disposal Toyota brand vehicles such as sedan, SUVS, Mini Bus, and Pick Ups, providing a differentiated service of high quality.                                                                                    

 By accessing our program you can enjoy the following benefits: 

• Fixed Rates: Our rates do not vary throughout the year according to the season. 

• Delivery / Collection: Our centralized reservation department is responsible for coordinating delivery and collection of the vehicle at your facilities for free (into the GAM) 

• Overnight: It is a modality by which the customer picks up the vehicle from 4:00 pm the day prior to the reservation and returns it at 8:00 am the following day of the end of the rental. 

• Credit terms: The corporate rentals program provides 30 days for the cancellation of invoices (once the process of opening and approval of the credit line has been completed). 

• Additional Driver: Additional drivers at no cost. 

• Flexibility: Different rates options such as daily, weekly, and monthly, depending on the company’s rental needs.

• Free Drop Off: Return of the vehicle at any branch without additional cost. 


To apply for a corporate agreement or more information, you may  call 4036-7415 / 7041-7956 or email: 


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