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7 Places to Visit with Children in Costa Rica

7 Places to Visit with Children in Costa Rica


7 Places to Visit with Children in Costa Rica


Entertaining a child or teenager away from cell phones and screens is not easy. 


They need action, movement, and fun places that make them forget about the virtual world and connect with a real one, full of nature and excitement. 


Luckily, some countries offer the perfect combination of biodiversity, adventure, and activities specially designed for family children. 


Costa Rica is a magical destination with multiple options, from white sandy beaches to lush tropical jungles. 


Let's review some of the top family-friendly destinations in Costa Rica and what you can do in them for the delight and entertainment of the whole family.


1.    Fossil Land: Located in Quebrada Honda de Desamparados, Fossil Land offers adventures for all ages. With competitive activities, challenges, giant fossils, caves, rappelling, and a pterodactyl flight on canopy cables over 1000 meters high, this place guarantees limitless fun.


2.    Topolandia: This destination, near the Bailey Bridge in Pérez Zeledón on the Inter-American Highway, immerses you in a unique experience. Discover underground passageways and walls with hand-carved sculptures in a 16-meter-deep underground residence. It has an exhibition jacuzzi with spring-filtered water and a small antiques museum.


3.    Granja Educativa La Montaña: In Buena Vista de Barva de Heredia, this farm is home to cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys, turtles, and many more species. In addition to interacting with the animals, visitors can enjoy riverside trails and coffee, banana, or plantain orchards, while watching a spectacular view of the Central Valley and its mountains.


4.    Dino Park Costa Rica: Immerse yourself in the era of dinosaurs in this unique park in Gavilán de Upala. With 27 life-sized dinosaur replicas that move and make sounds, you'll feel like in the Jurassic Park movie. Each dinosaur has a sign explaining its active period and main characteristics.


5.    Parque Acuático Valle Encantado: Located in San Ignacio de Acosta, this water park offers fun for everyone. With 7 pools for children and adults, slides, a farm, and play areas, boredom is simply impossible. It has soccer fields and huts for enjoying a barbecue in a natural setting.


6.   Parque Nacional Marino Ballena: This park is a meeting point for humpback whales during migrations. Children and adults will be amazed by these impressive creatures up close in their natural habitat. The park also houses beautiful beaches and natural pools perfect for children to enjoy a refreshing swim. 


7.    Parque Nacional Tortuguero: Known as the "Amazon of Costa Rica," in this tropical rainforest visitors have the opportunity to explore the canals by boat or kayak, and observe crocodiles, monkeys, iguanas, and a variety of bird species. During the nesting season, you can also watch the spectacle of sea turtles laying their eggs on the beach, an educational and exciting experience.


In conclusion, Costa Rica is a wonderful destination for a family vacation filled with fun and adventure. From theme parks to educational farms and national parks with abundant wildlife, there are options for every taste. When planning your trip, remember to bring comfortable clothing suitable for the tropical climate, check the schedules and availability of activities (some require reservations), and consider renting a vehicle for added comfort and flexibility.


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