Over the past five years, Toyota Rent a Car has implemented a formula for success that led the company to receive the Excellence Award in three different categories: Leadership and Strategic Planning, Focus on Customers and Marketing and Focus on Human Talent.

These awards are the result of Toyota Rent a Car’s bet on a value proposition based on providing unique, differentiated services of the highest quality. The company also realized that to make this proposition a reality, it had to invest in professionalizing its human resources.

At Toyota Rent A Car we believe that corporate values are the cornerstones that drive individual behavior to achieve strategic objectives. Associates are encouraged to grow within the company and move ever closer to excellence. We call this “closing gaps.” Each team member closes his or her gaps with a training program and a 180° assessment system which objectively points out progress made and next steps. This has resulted in high levels of motivation in associates, while also strengthening the organizational culture to transcend the company and be perceived by customers.

Additionally, the company is studying the needs of different customer profiles to develop innovative services to respond to them, thus standing out from the competition and establishing lasting relationships with customers based on delivering value.

Toyota Rent a Car has an innovation program to introduce new products and services, and associates can suggest and implement innovative ideas that later become services.

As part of its differentiated offer, it features a premium vehicle line that combines luxury models like the Toyota Camry Hybrid, Prado and Sequoia with innovative complementary services such as drivers, vehicle delivery directly at the airport, wedding services, prepaid fuel and luggage space, as well as small details that make life more pleasant for customers.

Additionally, we have adopted an environmental approach in the development of all our processes in order to reduce our carbon footprint from fuel use. We measure the impact of our services and mitigate it with ongoing maintenance of the automobiles and specific green actions such as planting native trees in Guanacaste. Thus, customers are guaranteed that their choice is actively contributing to the conservation of the natural environment.

Excellence practices implemented by the company have allowed us to enjoy a very healthy organizational climate, with an inner satisfaction level of 85% and a productivity index which increased 12% this past year.

This award marks the beginning of a new cycle for Toyota Rent a Car. Each day, with increasing responsibility and vision, efforts will focus on innovation through products, services and initiatives that enhance customer experience, protect our environment and contribute to the growth of our staff.

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