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3 simple steps

Step 1: Choose your dates:

Vehicle Daily without basic insurance Daily with basic insurance Daily without full insurance Daily with full insurance Weekly without basic insurance Weekly with basic insurance Weekly without full insurance Weekly with full insurance
Yaris $37 $54 $37 $78 $222 $341 $222 $509
Corolla $44 $62 $44 $87 $265 $390 $265 $565
Bego $52 $74 $52 $99 $313 $464 $313 $639
Rav-4 $68 $97 $68 $124 $405 $608 $405 $797
Prado $95 $123 $95 $153 $567 $767 $567 $977

Basic Insurance is mandatory in Costa Rica, the full insurance is optional

Exclusive Benefits for Envision Participants

  • The security deposit if you only choose basic insurance will be $750, if full insurance is chosen than coverage will drop to $0.
  • Awarded a complimentary accessory either rack, basket, cooler, baby seat or booster, each of these has a normal cost of $ 5 per day.
  • Granted free additional driver, which normally has a cost of $3 per day.
  • No amount will be charged if dropped off at any of our offices, for example rented in Quepos and returned to our office in Liberia.
  • No additional cost to deliver or pick-up rental car from our office in Dominical or Envision Site.
  • Moneyback guarantee with every reservation made by you. This means that our cars will be there no matter what happens. If something does happen we will give them their money back for their reservation or their car will be free. We are the most reliable company and we want to offer this to you because we know that companies overbook and people arrive and have no car available.
  • We will extend to 4 hours the time of giving back their car. So, if they rent at 12 midday... on the return date they can do it at 4pm with no extra charge.

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